Quirky Smile _ Luban Ruler

"Their brains are gone." Said the old man. Everyone was stunned. The doctor's voice trembled. "You mean the brains, the brains, of these people are gone?" "Gone." The old man answered coldly. The forensic doctor did not seem to believe it, but he did not perform a craniotomy during the autopsy because it was an abnormal procedure. Officer Wang frowned and finally dialed the phone of the detective team. Not long after, Director Zhao came with people in a hurry. Officer Wang immediately reported the strange discovery of Father Yi. Craniotomy. Director Zhao thought for a moment and ordered. The forensic doctor omitted the troublesome procedure of scraping hair, directly cut the forehead of the first deceased, Yang Laobo, and forcefully lifted the Tianlinggai. Everyone was stunned, the cranial cavity was empty, and Yang Laobo's brain tissue was missing. "The second Aunt Huo and Uncle Li are all exactly the same, and their brains are gone." All right, you guys get back to work. Let's go. Director Zhao glanced at Yi's father, and when it was his turn to have a craniotomy, it was inconvenient for the old man to be present. Yi Shiqi helped the old man out of the town hospital and came to the empty street. He exhaled the turbid air in his lungs deeply. How good it is to be alive. Director Zhao invited the old man and Yi Shiqi to a restaurant for dinner. During the meal, the old man just drank some soup silently and said nothing. Yi's father arranged to live with Yi Shiqi, and Director Zhao specifically asked Yi Shiqi to take good care of the old man. The old man entered the room, still silent. Yi Shiqi knew that he was sad, so he did not disturb the old man. The two of them stayed quietly for a long time, and neither of them spoke. All right, we're ready to go. The old man stood up suddenly, his eyes shining. Yi Shiqi was startled and asked in surprise, "Dad, where are you going?" The old man looked at him ferociously and said, "The next trick." Yi Shiqi felt a chill in his heart. The moonlight blurred, looming, Yi Shiqi helped his father to the pond of Shanyin Village. Did the ancient capital die here? Said the old man. This is it. Yi Shiqi answered cautiously. The old man put down his bamboo stick and took out a small blue and white porcelain vase from his bosom, which was similar in size to the one in the ancient capital of Iraq. She is the mother of the golden silkworm. She has been in this bottle for decades. Tonight is the time to sell. Said the old man to himself, pulling out the cork with his withered hand. In the dim moonlight,carnosic acid price, a small golden head appeared at the mouth of the bottle. First, he looked around cautiously. Then, with a sigh of relief, he jumped out with a "whoosh". His agile figure landed firmly on the ground. At this moment, the noisy singing of frogs and insects by the pool suddenly became silent, and everything was quiet. Go, go where you want to go. The old man mumbled a few more witchcraft spells. The mother silkworm first slowly circled in place, then suddenly stopped, heading in the direction of the mixed forest in Shanyin Village, as if she felt something. Yi Shiqi looked in that direction, where there was another house, which looked a little gloomy in the obscure moonlight. It was the home of Li Xihua, the seventh member of the Xuanwu Seven Evil Forces. In a flash of gold, the mother went straight to the house. Yi Shiqi looked at the old man, turmeric extract powder ,naringenin price, who hesitated to pick up the bamboo stick and walked slowly towards the mixed forest with the help of Yi Shiqi. The moonlight slowly became clear, the cool breeze blew, and the hazy night of Shanyin Village had a refreshing chill. Yi Shiqi and the old man crept up to the house, hid behind a big camphor tree, and looked around. In the open space of the courtyard, the golden mother silkworm crouched motionless on the ground, hunched up, eyeing covetously, ready to go. On the opposite side, a fist-sized, snow-white spider crawled in the distance. Its two red eyes were as glittering as two rubies in the moonlight. The ground within two feet of it was covered with white frost. Ah, that's an ice spider! The old man's trembling voice. Ice spider? Yi Shiqi first heard of this creature. The old man lowered his voice and said, "This is the second time I've seen this thing. The ice spider comes from the Flaming Mountain in the Western Regions." He looked at Yi Shiqi's surprised look and then said, "There's nothing strange about this. The five elements are mutually reinforcing. Where there is extreme heat, there must be something cold to restrain it.". The silk screen made by this spider is glittering and translucent, and it is unusually tough. It can prey on poisonous insects all over the world. However, it is very rare in the Central Plains. It is a very rare thing. Therefore, there is no such ice spider in our Miao and Xinjiang magic, which is also the reason why it is not easy to get. "Is this the enemy of the golden silkworm?" Yi Shiqi asked with some concern. The old man did not have time to answer, and his nervous eyes were fixed on the yard. In the moonlight, the ice spider suddenly launched an attack, only to see a sudden backward roll, the tail of its buttocks sprayed a shiny translucent net, accompanied by a mass of white gas, head-on to the golden silkworm. The old man grasped Yi Shiqi's arm. With a flash of golden light, the golden silkworm avoided two meters to the left, and the ice net was empty. At this time, the ice spider looked back at the position of the golden silkworm, slightly adjusted the angle, and shot out a net out of thin air, followed by another one. In an instant, the ice spider shot out several ice nets, and the cold fog filled the air, blocking the retreat around the golden silkworm. At this moment, at this critical moment, the golden light rose into the sky, and before the ice net was about to cover it, the golden silkworm jumped out of bounds through the gap and landed on the drooping leaves of a white fruit tree in the courtyard. The ice spider missed again, turned around and lost the trace of the golden silkworm. It rotated again and again, looking for the golden silkworm, but did not look up. Be in at this moment, the scold sound that comes out in the house: "Raised you these a lot of years in vain, still be so stupid unexpectedly!" The voice did not fall, I saw an old woman holding a bamboo pole came out angrily, before the bamboo pole swept under the tree,tannic acid astringent, "whoosh" hit the hidden branch of the golden silkworm.. "The old witch!" Yi Shiqi exclaimed. At the moment when the bamboo pole hit the branch, the golden silkworm jumped onto the bamboo pole and went straight down the pole to the old woman. The old woman was frightened and hurriedly withdrew to throw the pole, but it was too late. The sharp beak of the golden silkworm gently crossed and pierced the back of the old woman's hand. The old witch gave a loud cry and her face changed greatly. prius-biotech.com