The bartender had already stepped out of the door with one leg. When he heard the sound of coming back, he drew back his legs and entered the door again. He leaned over and said, "Do you still have orders?" "We have a temper," said Wang Shang. "We don't like to eat alone." The bartender said, "The younger one will accompany you with two singing girls." Wang Shang said, "Our young man has a broad vision. He doesn't like ordinary people. The girl he found is not beautiful enough. It makes our young man unable to eat." The bartender thought to himself, "It's really hard to wait!"! "Well," he said, "I want your housekeeper to give me some advice. The younger one is serving the young man for the first time. I can't feel his temper." Wang Shang smiled and said, "Well, aren't there people selling wine and rice in the hall in front of you?" "Yes," said the bartender! "But the character there is too miscellaneous, finger-guessing and spitting, how can you ask the childe to eat and drink there?" "Ah!" Said Wang Shang! You don't know that. Our son just likes to be lively. The more he shouts, the more interesting he can be. You put the food and wine in the hall, and we drink in the hall. After seeing the bartender go far away, Yu Xiufan couldn't help smiling and said, "Brother, what you described me is very strange!"! How can you think of that? "Since we're going to stir up trouble," said Wang Shang, "the weirder the better." Moments later, the bartender hurried over and said,Nail machine manufacturer, "Childe, the food and wine are all ready for you. They are on a table in the middle of the hall." Wang Shang reached out his hand and took out a piece of silver weighing two taels. "Here's a reward for you, mate," he said. "You've done a good job." The bartender's black eyes saw the silver, and even the blankness on his face was immediately swept away. With a smile on his face, he said, "Thank you for your reward." Wang Shang is sincere ostentatious, conveniently grabbed Yu Xiufan on the side of the sword. As soon as the three of them entered the hall,Nail production machine, they really attracted the attention of the drinkers in the hall. The bartender led the two of them to the table in the middle, pulled up the chair for Yu Xiufan, and then bowed down. The table was full of food and wine, and 90% of the guests were in the hall. Yu Xiufan slowly took his seat, and Wang Shang immediately filled his glass for Yu Xiufan. Wang Shang and Wang Xiang sat down at a square table behind them, called the shopkeeper again, and ordered a few more drinks. Such a manipulation, Yu Xiufan appears to be some special eye-catching. The hall was crowded with drinkers, and there was only one person sitting at a big table in the middle. A table of delicacies, drinking alone, is indeed a bit supercilious, stand out from the crowd. At this time, it was dinner time, and the drinkers came in droves. Many people could not find a seat, but at the big round table, Nail Making Machine price ,nail manufacturing machine, which could seat ten people, there was only a young man in a blue shirt and a square scarf. Living alone at a table, full of delicacies, with swords on his side, the situation of people wearing swords created a sense of domineering, which made many people who had not found a seat dare not move their minds to the big round table. The business of this big inn, which is also engaged in the business of wine and food, is really very good. There is no place for the drinkers, and there are still many people in the inn. Yu Xiufan sat alone in the middle, looking at the diners who were coming and going. He thought to himself, I didn't expect that Yu Xiufan, who was well-educated and courteous, would become such an arrogant and violent figure. His momentum was flying and daunting. Thinking, suddenly there was a middle-aged man with a leopard's head and eyes, who came over and sat down opposite Yu Xiufan. As a result, most of the drinkers in the hall put down their chopsticks and turned to look over. Everyone has a kind of inexplicable jealousy. Yu Xiufan's overbearing momentum made all the drinkers in the building angry, but they did not have the courage to ask for trouble. They always wanted to have a person who was not used to it and taught him a lesson. Sure enough, someone went over and saw that a dispute was about to begin. Most people put down their chopsticks and prepared to watch the excitement. Yu Xiufan looked at the man sitting opposite. He was thirty-five or thirty-six years old. He was wearing a long blue gown. His eyes were shining and his waist was slightly bulging. He did not know what kind of weapon he was carrying. Yu Xiufan looked coldly at the man in the green shirt without saying a word. But Wang Shang suddenly stood up and took a big step. He was already at the side of the man in the green shirt. "Stand up!" He said coldly. Qingshan looked at Wang Shang, but ignored him. "Waiter," he shouted. ” A shopkeeper came over, bowed and said, "Second Master, what orders do you always have?" "Give the Second Master a dish to go with the wine, a catty of Erguotou," the man shouted. The bartender answered and looked at Yu Xiufan and retreated. Wang Shang said in his heart, "The bartender calls him the Second Master. Naturally, he is a man with a head and a face on the ground. Since we are sincere in the limelight, these people are naturally the best targets." But he is not a vicious person, although he intends to deploy, causing trouble, but it is difficult for him to invade and hurt people. Just as Wang Shang was thinking about how to deal with it, the bartender was already carrying a pot of wine and a cold dish. The shopkeeper saw Wang Shangqi standing on one side, afraid of getting into trouble, put down the wine Lai, turned around and left. Qingshan was very calm, picked up the flagon and filled himself with a glass of wine. Wang Shang suddenly stretched out his hand, pressed it on the wine glass, and said coldly, "Our son has packed this table." The Qingshan man snorted coldly and said, "The hall is full of drinkers. There are no empty seats, but there are so many empty seats in this place. If I don't sit here, where can I sit?" Wang Shang gave a sneer and said, "My friend, we spent our wallets on this table. It's better for you to give way." Qingshan laughed and said, "My brother has lived in Changsha for decades, but no one has dared to ask me to give up my seat." Wang Shang said coldly, "There are many tigers in the mountains. Your Excellency met them today." Slowly and warmly put away his right hand. Most of the porcelain cup filled with wine was sunk in the wooden table. Most of the people in the hall looked very clearly, and all of them were shocked. In the heart secret way: "This porcelain cup, unexpectedly sank into the wooden table,wire nail machine manufacturers, is really an inconceivable matter." The Qingshan man's face changed and he could not speak for a long time. Wang Shang said coldly, "If you can drink this glass of wine, I would like to ask our son for a favor and let your friend sit in this seat." 。