And tomorrow is actually the day they want to get married, these days when they go to bed at night, it is Qin Jinyang's more painful stage. Such a soft body in the bosom, but he wants to be a gentleman, but also can not move. What's more, the person in his arms is his wife, the mother of his child! That's why.. After all, it's not because I'm afraid of hurting the baby! He had to endure, he endured! Tong Tianai, however, slept very sweetly in his arms and pouted slightly, as if he were seducing him. The little red face was as soft as a baby. "Alas!" He sighed softly and pecked her lips and continued to endure. En- "by unknown attack, Tong Tianai intuitively murmured, but his body leaned more towards his arms, not forgetting to rub a few times in his chest.". Qin Jinyang took a breath of cold air, but felt that the blood and gas were countercurrent, and some of them could not bear it. Wife He breathed in her ear and bit her earlobe, trying to seduce her. Tong Tianai frowned,Nail machine manufacturer, half opened his eyes in the dim light, saw his handsome face with some strange expressions, so close to himself, and in an instant narrowed his eyes. Honey, why don't you sleep. I'm so sleepy. She groaned into his arms and held him tight. Her actions, no doubt adding insult to injury, completely destroyed his self-control. Qin Jinyang carefully turned over,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, supporting his strong body, trying not to let his weight press on her. He bowed his head, but his handsome face was hesitant. Wife Shouted again. Without a warm embrace to rely on, Tong Tianai squinted his eyes and looked up, put his arms around his neck, and looked at the man in front of him who was dissatisfied with his desire. Ouch! Ouch! Look at him, she can understand what he wants! Tong Tianai was woken up by him and asked sullenly, "I'm going to get married tomorrow!"! What do you want to do? "I want to seduce you!" He boastfully said. She had no objection, but raised her eyebrows and said lazily, "Good!"! Come on! Come and seduce me! Bring all the skills of President Qin into full play! Trying to seduce her? It's a joke! “……” He was speechless for a moment, but he shouted with some frustration, "Wife!"! I want it! At this moment, he became a child who could not eat candy. Tong Tianai looked at his childish handsome face, High Speed Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and suddenly there was some helplessness. Hey! What to do? It seemed that she could not resist his coquetry more and more! But generally speaking, don't girls act like a spoiled child? Why can he act like a spoiled child more than her? "I want it!" Qin Jinyang asked persistently, somewhat indignant. She suddenly chuckled, put her arms around his neck, and brought him down with a little effort. And her lips, actively covering his, ignited all the forbearance. Could it be.. Hurt the baby. He has been unable to restrain himself, and if he continues. In order to ensure the baby's safety, it is necessary for him to ask in advance. Tong Tianai said jokingly, "Yes!"! So do you want it or not? “……” Qin Jinyang shriveled his mouth and did not know how to answer for a moment. In the end, he had to surrender and shout "wife" in a tone of infinite frustration. She stopped playing with him, kissed him on the lips, and made love to him. "Be careful," he said vaguely as his lips touched his teeth! The baby will be all right! Qin Jinyang jumped up and kissed her, but it was very gentle. The romance of the night seems to have just begun. But the sky is already white, and their wedding is about to begin soon. "Knock, knock, knock." Early in the morning, Gossamer knocked on the door. She had already put on the little pink dress that she had tried on in the bridal shop before. Beautiful and lovely, with light fruit makeup, wavy hair was tied into two bunches and broken hair. The Qin family had already got up, but they didn't want to make their sister too tired, so they let her sleep a little longer. Now, everyone else is ready, except for the makeup artist to make up the bride! Seeing that no one responded, Gossamer knocked a few more times, "I love my sister!"! Brother Qin! The makeup artists are all here! It's time to make up! Are you awake? Get up! "I know!" In the room, Qin Jinyang's voice sounded lazily. You Siqi heard the voice and shouted, "Brother Qin!"! Then I'll wait for you in the dressing room on the second floor! Come down quickly! She finished and turned to go downstairs. In the room, Tong Tianai was tossed about by him all night and was so sleepy that he couldn't do it. Qin Jinyang hugged her and went to the bathroom to take a bath. Wife! We're getting married! Don't sleep any more! Wife He woke her up as he walked, but Tong Tianai in his arms just pouted and shook his head. I'm so sleepy! I want to sleep! Can you not get married? Qin Jinyang laughed out loud and coaxed him to say, "All right!"! Honey, don't be a child! Today, I want to dress up beautifully! And don't frown again, or the baby will frown later! “……” Tong Tianai just frowned, instantly smooth. In the bathroom, the murmur of water. Suddenly Tong Tianai shouted in surprise, "Qin Jinyang!"! You sick bastard! Didn't I tell you not to plant strawberries in my neck? Whoo- She's not alive. How to meet people later! Treasure Side Story: Big Surprise "I don't want to go out!" Tong Tianai was ashamed and indignant with a pretty face and hesitated. Oh my God! She also planted a few strawberries in her neck, so obvious traces, how can she go out to see people ah! How bad it is to let Mommy and Siqi see it later! What to do? What to do! She's going to dig a hole and bury herself! Qin Jinyang shrugged his shoulders indifferently, put his arm around her,Coil nail machine, and comforted her by saying, "Wife!"! It's all right! How can Mommy not understand that she will turn a blind eye! As for Siki, she doesn't know what it is! So don't worry! I'll support you later! He said comfortably. Hey! Isn't it just a few strawberries? Strawberries are good! Strawberries mean they are a loving couple! It would be terrible without strawberries!.