Ji Youming was somewhat moved and reported the location of his temporary hotel. Then I will go to see you tomorrow, the company also found a new role for you, their crew interview is also X city, I will bring you the information. Liu Ao hung up the phone, secretly glanced at the big boss sitting on the leather chair, and saw that he had no other expression, which was a little relieved. Chairman, Ji Ge said that he is now living in the seahorse hotel. Qi Heng nodded, "I know, the follow-up of those photos let the public relations department find someone to reveal the truth at eight o'clock tomorrow morning." Liu Ao nodded repeatedly. Qi Heng let him go out and looked slightly sideways at his assistant, "give Ji Youming ten thousand yuan later." After all, black Ji Youming, give some compensation. All right The assistant nodded. Qi Heng stood up and walked to the French window. There was a lot of traffic under the window. Although Xingyue Entertainment Company was small, the office of the boss was decorated luxuriously. Chairman, your phone is ringing. Qi Heng turned around, picked up the mobile phone that was vibrating on the table, a string of unfamiliar numbers,metal stamping parts, and pressed to answer. As soon as it was connected, Ji Youming's number came out from the other end. Dad! Why haven't you released me from the blacklist? "I forgot." Qi Heng opened his mouth lightly. Forgot? Ji Youming raised his voice, "can you forget this?"? Am I still your own son? "You have an opinion." Qi Heng paused for a moment and then said, "Why do you still ask this question?"? Didn't I tell you last time that you were picked up from the garbage dump by Meng Yan? Ji Youming: ".." "Dad, I'm not here to talk about this. I saw the hot search. You bought my company?" "Yes." Ji Youming was moved for a moment. It must be because of him that his father would do this. However, Ji Youming was still a little worried. Dad, you don't understand these things in the entertainment circle. If you buy our company,Magnetic Drain Plug, if you don't manage it well, the money will be wasted. "I don't know. I can ask someone who knows to take care of it." Qi Heng paused a little and opened his mouth to pierce Ji Youming's touch mercilessly. Don't think about it. I'm just afraid that you'll make a fool of me in the entertainment circle and buy this company with your indenture so that I can manage you conveniently. Ji Youming was speechless for a moment:.. Dad, what can you do with the truth? This shitty excuse, when he was three years old? Qi Heng lowered his eyes and looked very cold. "I never tell lies." "I know, Dad, you let me out of the blacklist. I borrowed this mobile phone from someone else. He's leaving. I have to return it to him." Ji Youming said in a flattering tone. There's no need to call me. Qi Heng refused him mercilessly. "If you have something to do, you can contact Assistant Qin. He will tell me." Qi Heng finished and took the lead in hanging up the call. No, Dad.. Dad? Ji Youming shouted a few times, a few beeps came from his mobile phone, and the screen lit up to show the end of the call. The bus slowed down, and the girl in the front seat blushed and said, "Well, car radiator cap ,die cast light housing, I have to get off." Ji Youming returned her cell phone with a dazzling smile, "Thank you for borrowing my cell phone." The girl took the cell phone, secretly looked at him a few eyes, the heart said that this real person is not like the description in the hot search, the entertainment industry is the most popular hearsay, perhaps Ji Youming was also splashed with dirty water, then summoned up the courage to open his mouth. You Ming little brother, I am actually your face powder, I think you are certainly not the kind of person who can shoot. People, I, I believe you! “………” Ji Youming, "thank you for believing." The voice did not fall, the bus stopped, the door opened, the girl said goodbye, then tightly held the mobile phone, quickly ran out of the car. So he was so excited that he didn't notice the height of the ground and almost sprained his foot. Be careful- "Ji Youming made a sound subconsciously, and the girl ran away with her face covered, perhaps because she had made a fool of herself.". When the bus restarted, Ji Youming took out his cell phone and could not control his hand to click on Weibo. The microblog is in the process of loading, and it is blank. Is the signal not good? Ji Youming frowned, looked at the signal grid, pulled down the status bar, turned off the data connection and re-opened it, repeated several times but still did not load it. Ji Youming simply switched the data connection card from Unicom to Erka Telecom, and after about half a minute, he barely loaded the interface. Weibo is ***ing paralyzed again. Someone in the back seat wailed, "It charges so much dirty money, can't it hire more engineers?" "My Weibo is ready now. Open it and have a look." Ji Youming also followed to refresh the micro-blog, and found that he had more than 99 private messages. Ji Youming is confused. Most of the content was scolding him, but some of them asked him whether he would make an appointment or not. Chapter 103 Because of the suspected sleeping incident, it is understandable that Jiang Niannan's brain-damaged fans scold him, but what is the meaning of asking whether to make an appointment or not? He was confused, but the bus had stopped at the stop he wanted to get off. Ji Youming got off the bus, went straight back to the hotel, and took a bath again. In just half an hour, there were many more "exciting" private messages. Ji Youming cleared the unread private messages and turned off the function of receiving messages from people he did not follow, so he went to check the hot search. Floating in the first one is the hotel bed photo of # suspected J-star male artist. Ji Youming had a bad feeling in his heart and clicked on the hot search. The first item on the hot search was a Weibo post with a Gif of Jiugongge. In the photo, a man with a bare upper body turned his back to the camera and kissed Song yuanyu. Contemporary fetid entertainment! @ Xingyue Entertainment This is the garbage agent and artist that your company has trained? "My brother is so miserable that he has such a broker." "In other words,deep draw stamping, the figure management of a certain J-star male artist is a bit poor, and there is fat on his stomach." Ji Youming is angry. He has eight abdominal muscles and fat. Besides, the height of the man in this Gif is different from that of him. Are the eyes of these netizens fascinated by sand! "Am I the only one who thinks the person in this Gif doesn't look like Ji Youming?" 。 autoparts-dx.com